Yet Another Inevitable Post of Brawl Impressions

So, I've had Brawl for about 10 or 11 days now. And it's basically consumed my life. I love it. Which is surprising because it's unlike almost every other game I own. I usually go for RPGs, or strategy games, or slower paced platformers. But Brawl is amazing! And I'm saying that as someone who owned Melee, but was never very good at it and actually rarely played it. I didn't even get around to unlocking all the characters and stages in Melee, but I've already done that in Brawl in a around a week. And I'm not sure, but I think I'm actually improving a little. I've bumped my standard CPU difficulty up from futsu (regular) to muzukashii (difficult). And I'm pretty much holding my own. I'm slowly learning to shield more, block attacks, and throw my opponents. I doubt I'll ever really learn more advanced techniques, but I would like to improve still more.

My favorite characters right now are probably Snake and the Pikmin and Olimar, both of which are little different from the others and unique. Snake uses a lot of grenades, explosives, and weaponry (although he oddly doesn't have a gun). He was also surprisingly slow at first, but I've gotten used to that. And Olimar/Pikim is just super fun to play as. All the Pikmin have different strengths and weaknesses, Olimar's fast and maneuverable, and I love attaching the little Pikmin to an enemy and suck away their life. I'm terrible with the slower characters (like Donkey Kong), and sometime I'd like to play more with Pit, Lucas, Ike, and maybe Samus.

In my next post, I'll talk some about the modes and options in Brawl. Especially online mode, which has a lot of potential.

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