Why I Bought a PS3

My second article is up over at TGR, about why I finally bit the bullet and bought a PS3. After arriving last Friday, I've been playing it pretty consistently. Unfortunately, I didn't have a full retail game until just Tuesday of this week, when I received The Orange Box from Amazon. It really is an amazing, great value. I felt portal deserved to be played first, and also that that would ease me into playing a first-person game, which I tend to avoid. It was every bit as amazing as I've heard people say for the past year, although I was a little disappointed/frustrated at points. For the foreseeable future, I'll be focusing on Half-Life 2, which already looks great even though I never played the first one. There are also a number of PSN games I've got my eye on, one of which will probably be swept up soon.

Overall, I really like the PS3. It has a really smooth interface, and there are a number of games out for it that I want. Most importantly though, I'm really enjoying playing games on hardware that sports such a big jump in graphics and technology, compared to PS3 and GameCube games. It feels good.


Daniel Primed said...

Welcome to the club...I guess.(rant follows)

Something that bothered me significantly about your article was the part where you talked about feeling pressured for not being at the forefront of conversation on these new release titles.

Of course, I love having one of the latest consoles and I do enjoy the privilage of playing something recent on my machine. Yet, I find this sprint to the front of the back (particularly in relation to VG bloggers) to be nothing but a massive headache and frankly, I stopped caring about this sometime ago.

That's not to discourage you at all. Old or new, you always have something interesting to note.

I think that it is all so silly, because -from my point of view- we pass so many older games by without ever understanding their merits.

No one still has been able to logically make an account (let alone decent observations) of the heavy metaphorical elements in MGS4, for example.

So don't let that nonsense bother you.

I started playing Portal the day before I left Australia. Didn't quite finish it, looking forward to cross analyzing it with Goffman's principles of institutions, might let me tutors take a look when I'm done. Look forward to what you have to say.

Korey said...

Don't worry. I've never been at the forefront of game releases. There's just not enough time or money. So even though I have a PS3 now, it will be the rare game or two that I play immediately upon release. I think the vast majority of my time will be spent playing catchup. I guess in the article I was trying to convey more a feeling of being completely left out. I had no frame of reference at all for "current-gen" gaming. Now I understand it better, even though I can't/won't be able to play everything immediately.

Probably should have touched on that issue a bit in the article. Good points.