My PSP Game Library Has Finally Tripled

As you can tell from the title, the PSP games I ordered from Play-Asia finally arrived, thus increasing my PSP game collection from 1 to 3. I would definitely use Play-Asia again, as shipping to Japan was free, and the games arrived only 9 days after I ordered them. Not too shabby.

I have only had a couple of hours to check out Patapon and Crisis Core, but they are both already amazing and fun, albeit in very different ways. In Patapon, I haven't even made it past the endpoint of the demo yet, and I can already see how addicting the mission-based structure can become. Crisis Core, I think, could eventually become equally addicting as the mission-based structure of the game opens up, but I'm still on the first story mission. The polish on that game is already incredible. If nothing else, Square-Enix pays a lot of attention to the visual polish and style of their games. Crisis Core is really quite beautiful.

After much deliberation, I think I'm going to focus most of my gaming efforts for the foreseeable future on Crisis Core. This isn't a knock against Patapon, because I wish I didn't have to choose. But during my wait for these games to arrive, I read an online summary of the story of Final Fantasy VII (which Crisis Core is a prequel to), and am very interested to delve back into that world.

Luckily, I finished No More Heroes yesterday, just in time for my new arrivals. So my next few posts should be a couple about NMH interspersed with some about the PSP and Crisis Core. Well, those Crisis Core missions aren't going to finish themselves...

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