I'm Finally Going to Buy a PSP

As promised last time, this post is about my soon-to-be-purchased hardware: a PSP.

I know that Sony's PSP has been out for over 3 years, but through the combination of owning and loving a DS, and having an ingrained bias against Sony, I had never even remotely considered buying a PSP until very recently. I'm not sure what changed my mind. I suppose it all boils down to the fact that there are finally several PSP games that I feel are worth owning. As is to be hoped, in my eyes, the value of a game system ultimately boils down to the quality of the games on said system. Plus, the PSP just looks really cool. As much as I love my DS, and that's a lot, the PSP is just a pretty sexy piece of hardware.

So, at some point in the coming days (or weeks) I will finally be putting down some hard-earned cash on a PSP. And I mean that literally. In Japan, people use cash for almost everything. The short list of games I want to eventually have includes the following, both new releases and older game:
  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
  • Patapon
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • Echochrome
  • Locoroco
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  • Daxter
If you have any other suggestions for great PSP games, I'd love to hear them. When I finally buy the system, I plan to pick up Locoroco here in Japan, and import the English versions of Crisis Core and Patapon. I'm also going to try and find any good Japanese exclusive games to pick up while I'm here.

And oh yeah, I'm a little annoyed that I also have to purchase a decent-sized Memory Stick Pro Duo, for game saves, demos, etc. I guess it's been a while since I've had to buy a memory card. I'm very excited about the PSP, and am glad I got over my reluctance to purchase one. For me, it finally looks to be a worthwhile investment.


Daniel Primed said...

Hey Korey,

I have a list of games that I need to buy on my computer and I sorted through them to find a list of games for recommendation and heres what I got:

Lumines 2
Jean D'arc
Burnout Legends
MGS Graphic Novel
Final fantasy Tactics
Syhpon Filter DM
Syhpon Filter LS
Wipeout Pulse
Ridge Racer 2
Tales of Eternia
Disgea 2
MGS Portable Ops Plus
Ultimate Ghost and Goblins
Gradius Collection

Tales of Eternia for the PSP is a PAL and NTSCJ exclusive. Hopefully this year should throw around a few ideas. Theres quite a list there. Be sure to share your thoughts on what you get.

Korey said...

Thanks Daniel. Great list. Of those games, I had already pegged Jean ne D'Arc, both Syphon Filter games, Disgaea, and Portable Ops as must-buys. I'm actually writing up a blog post right now about the PSP, which I just purchased yesterday, and my thoughts on it. In general, I love it.

Of the other games you listed, Lumines 2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tales of Eternia, and Castlevania would be potential buys, probably if I was out of new PSP games or I saw a deal. As for the racing games, I would be tentative to buy them, largely because I've never really been able to get into racing games. So if anything, I would maybe just buy one racing game, whichever seemed to be "the best."

Anyway, thanks for your input. I'll definitely consider those titles as I slowly build my PSP collection.

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