The Awesomeness Continues

Since my last post, I've progressed significantly farther into Super Mario Galaxy. It's easily the best game I've purchased in the last year or two. It's beautiful, the galaxies are well designed, the challenges are all unique and interesting, and best of all, it's damn fun to play. I've now gotten 61 out of 120 stars, with the 61st star coming from the final battle. I knew you only needed 60 to beat the game, so I basically sampled all of the levels, built up to 60, and went to the end. I was pretty sure I could keep playing afterwards, and even if I couldn't, it would be a joy to start from the beginning again. Nintendo had previously revealed 6 power-ups (Bee, Ghost, Rainbow, Fire, Ice, and Spring Mario). Bee's probably my favorite so far. Fire's fun too, but it's timed so it doesn't last long. The only one I don't like at this point is Spring Mario. It's one of those power-ups that makes it so you never stop moving. Mario is constantly bouncing back and forth, and it's damn annoying. I've also found a 7th power-up, and I don't know if there's anymore, but I'm inclined to think there's not. I can't wait to get more stars, probably tomorrow.

Galaxy was all I played today, for a grand total of 4 Hours and 5 Minutes.

EDIT: I forgot to add my Saturday Galaxy times: 3:37

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