Wii Gameplay Statistics

I added a few more stars to Galaxy, making my total 95. Only 25 more to go. The stars now are a little longer and more challenging to achieve or find. I spent a while on one of the "Find 100 Purple Coins" challenges just try to track down every last one of them. Not necessarily hard, just more time-consuming. I've noticed that now that I'm not in the middle of a 3 day weekend with tons of time on my hand, I'm able to commit much less time to games. I spent probably close to 4 hours playing Galaxy on each of my weekend days. But yesterday I only managed 1:30, and today I got 5 more stars in 0:53. Less time spent playing is not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation.

Another thought I had as I work on keeping track of my game playing hours, was that I'd like it if the Wii kept better track of my time for me. In the memo/message section, the Wii keeps track of how long each session is that you play with a particular game. What I would like to see is a better organized system. All I can see right now is a daily report. If I want to know how long I've played Galaxy, I have to go back and look at every single day's report, and add up all the times myself. I want the Wii to allow me to search for a game, and then show me statistics like my total playtime, how long or short individual sessions were, and maybe even be able to compare different games. I know this is a small thing that most people probably wouldn't even care about. Hell, maybe I'm only interested because of this project of mine. It'd still be a nice little touch, though.

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