Final Fantasy VI...Nearly Perfect For Me

Final Fantasy VI (Advance version) is an absolutely incredible game. I've almost finished the World of Balance, and am eagerly looking forward to the completion of this major plot point. (As you can tell, I happened upon a good bit of the plot prior to playing the game, by accident.) But there are a few small things that detract from the game for me.

The biggest thing is that I don't like how easy it is for every character to be able to learn every spell. In RPGs, I've always preferred having a party that has mostly different roles, abilities, and jobs. Granted, the characters in FFVI do each have a unique command slot in their menu, such as Edgar's tools, Sabin's blitzes, etc. That's a great part of the game. But it's starting to feel like every character is the same, especially as I start to use magic more and rely on those early skills less and less. Plus, with such a large number of magic spells available to every character, I often forget which characters have which spells. I somewhat remedied this in my playthrough by primarily using 1 or 2 characters as spellcasters, except in very unique situations. I like the unique commands, and the deep personalities of each character, but the Esper/magic system feels a little overwhelming.

In this regard, I much prefer FFV. Although every character can eventually master every job in V, the nature of the job system limits each charater to 2 ability slots, thereby forcing you to give the characters different roles in battle (unless you're attempting some sort of specialized challenge playthrough.) On the other hand, FFIVs characters were even more specialized, with no customization at all. Even FFVIIs materia system limited you somewhat, in the sense that a character could only equip as much materia/magic as they had slots available, rather than being able to potentially learn and cast any spell in the game at any given time.

However, despite this small issue, FFVI is a fantastic game, and I can easily see why millions of people defend it as the best RPG/game of all time. I'm playing through with the traditional, core party of Terra/Locke/Celes/Edgar. Because the game is good enough that I look forward to playing through it again with different characters, and trying to find every secret. One last note: Kefka is definitely one of the best villians ever created.

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