Scattered Thoughts After a Long Vacation

It's been quite a while since my last post. Vacation is over and I'm back to the dismal, boring, steaming hot days of sitting at my desk. On vacation I saw Tokyo (again), and Kyoto and Nara for the first time, which were simply beautiful and amazing.

In other news, pretty much all of my somewhat-limited video game time at the moment is going into the wonderfully charming and brilliant, Final Fantasy VI (Advance). I've heard about how great it was for years, but never fully believed its ardent supporters until now. I'm not too far in yet (maybe 10 hours or so), but I absolutely love it. Fantastic game. I'll most more of my thoughts on it soon.

I've also seen a few movies, but not too many. Ratatouille (or Remi's Delicious Restaurant as it's know in Japan) was charming and a very good animated film. However, I was more impressed by the incredible technical job the Pixar team did than anything else. On the whole, I enjoyed The Incredibles and Finding Nemo far more than this one. But it's still very enjoyable. What other movie has such an incredibly realistic looking rat as the main character?

Until next time. Which will hopefully be less than 3 weeks.

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