How much Final Fantasy can one man handle?

Finally finished Dragon Warrior II. It was definitely an improvement over I. You finally get 2 other party members, and the story is slightly (and I mean slightly) more interesting. However, it still devolves into a grind-fest near the end. But I still mostly enjoyed it. Now I'm pretty excited about III. From what I've read, it sounds like an actual, real improvement over the previous 2. But, I doubt I'll actually play it for many months.

I just received my order from Amazon containing Final Fantasy I and II: Daen of Souls, and Final Fantasy VI for the GBA. I'm super excited about all 3 of these games. I'm leaving for Tokyo on Monday, and plan on seeing how far I can make it into FFI. The second game will be VI, and lastly I'll play number II. I'm doing I first because, well, it's the first game. I'm actually more excited about VI, but I know it's much longer and involved that I, so I'm waiting a little bit to play it. Anyway, I've got about a million things to do before Monday. Until next time...