Parallel Worlds: Is More Zelda Always a Good Thing?

In a comment on the Blogging Zelda blog, I found a little link to a hacked and completely redesigned version of Zelda: A Link to the Past, called Parallel Worlds. I've been bingeing on Zelda recently (completed 1, started 2, working on Twilight Princess), so this immediately caught my eye. The many contributors who helped put this fan development together have spent 4 or 5 years working on it. That's definitely commendable, and shows a true love of the game. Many of the graphics, as well as almost all of the overworld map and dungeons have been completely redesigned. And I've also read that the difficulty has been increased significantly over the original. It's so hard, some people have given up on the game before they've even acquired the sword.

But I've heard good and bad things about Parallel Worlds. On the one hand, I've heard it's lots of fun discovering what is, in essence, a whole new world. And that the difficulty is a welcome addition to a series that has been quite easy in recent releases. But, I've also heard complaints that the difficulty is due to ridiculous and over-powered enemy placements, very poor level and game design, and a terrible script/plot.

I haven't even played it yet, beyond making sure the game actually works. And I doubt I'll have time to get to it soon. Right now, Twilight Princess has taken priority. But as soon as I check it out for myself, I'll post my opinion. I loved the original Link to the Past. It's probably my favorite Zelda game, and I feel like I have it almost memorized. Hopefully, with that background, I'll be able to appreciate this fan-made version. Or it will be total shit and I'll hate it. We'll see.

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