Let's Enjoying Movies: The Deer Hunter

What can I, a newly arrived blogger, possible say about a classic film that hasn't been said already. The Deer Hunter is one of the big 4 Vietnam movies, at least in my opinion. The other 3 are Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket. I knew a little bit about The Deer Hunter beforehand, but this movie proved to be nothing like what I expected. For some reason, I thought the movie focused on the character's lives almost completely AFTER their time in Vietnam. But really it has a pretty traditional 3-act structure: 1.) the setup of the relationships among the three main characters (this brilliantly shows their friendship), 2.) the pure hell they go through in Vietnam, and 3.) the effect this experience has on both themselves and their Pennsylvania hometown.

Some random good points: The Deer Hunter is intense. Russian roulette is an absolutely insane game. I can't even remember the last time a movie scene made me this nervous. At the time I watched this, I had forgotten that DeNiro had the brilliant (or crazy) idea to sometimes include a live round in the gun! Come on! Talk about dedication to your craft. Even though the gun was carefully checked, I would probably have pissed myself with fear! Christopher Walken won a well-deserved Oscar, which was of course before he went crazy and became a ridiculous parody of himself.

Finally, The Deer Hunter is further evidence that Robert DeNiro is one of the greatest actors, ever. He's just brilliant in this film. A true classic, The Deer Hunter definitely deserves a spot in your film library.

Verdict: BUY!!!

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