Dragon Quest I - Complete!

Alright! The grind-fest that is Dragon Quest I has finally been completed. It wasn't bad, but it definitely suffered from being one of the first big RPGs. The gameplay is just nowhere near perfected yet. It's basically a minimal, super simple story, with a ton of level-grinding. The grinding is made even more boring by the fact that there's only 1 character, and there's little strategy beyond simply attacking, casting Stopspell on mages, and healing when you're injured. Overall an ok game, but it is a good feeling to gain a level and suddenly be stronger than the group of enemies you were fighting.

At any rate, I moved on to Dragon Quest II. I haven't made it too far yet, just far enough to get the third and final member of my party. So far it's still similar to DQI, but improved in some ways. There is no longer a STAIRS command or a DOOR command. But there still is SEARCH. I can't wait to play a Dragon Quest game where you just press the A or B button to search in front of you, but I don't know when that is. I'm not trying to start a DQ blog, or steal Artadius' thunder over at Blogging DQ, but I'm just starting to really like this series. I was always a Final Fantasy fan myself. I'm glad I ran across Artadius' blog, or I may never have started playing these games.

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