What I'm Playing Now

I'm always trying to work my way through several games at once, although I usually focus on one at the expense of the others. Here's what I'm trying to finish now.

Twilight Princess. I've been working on this game since I got my Wii in December. I thought it got off to a slow start, but now it's freaking awesome. By about February, I had made it throught the 4th dungeon, the desert one. I recently got back into it and am well on my to the 5th dungeon, so I should be nearing the halfway point. Man this game is huge. And I'm loving every minute of it.

Puzzle Quest. This game is so addicting, you'll find yourself in a pool of your own urine when your DS battery dies. I'm nearly done with my first playthrough as a druid. It gets a bit repetitive near the end, because with the right spells, I can keep casting them over and over, and the enemy gets very few turns. But still very fun.

Zelda II. Still pretty fun. But incredibly hard. Especially the Japanese version, which is what I have on the Virtual Console. I'll explain my anger about the Japanese version in a future post. This doesn't even really feel like Zelda.

Picross. A fun little puzzle game. Starts out easy but gets very hard on later levels. I have the Japanese version, but I think it's coming out in America soon.

That's what I'm playing at the moment. I have many more games on my shelf waiting to be completed. I always seem to buy games and not finish them. Hopefully I'll make some good progress on these games this week. What games are YOU playing right now?

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