If you were a SuperHero, what would your power be?

Recently, I've started watching Heroes. What a freaking amazing show! Possibly, I mainly love it because I grew with comic books and super hero cartoons, because my girlfriend has absolutely NO interest in the show whatsoever. I heard the buzz about it last year on the Internet, but that was also during my first 3 or 4 months in Japan. So, that was a huge adjustment for me, and I had little access to American TV. Now, however, I can find and watch whatever I want. Anyway, I'm trying to quickly watch season 1 before the 2nd season starts in late September.

This show is awesome. People are slowly discovering they have super powers, and working out what they can do. There's also a mystery involving shady, powerful figures, a big conspiracy, and a serial killer that is apparently a super-super powerful villian. A round of bullets didn't stop him at all. As for powers, there's flying, physical invulnerability, passing through walls, reading minds, predicting the future, adopting the powers of nearby heroes, and some that are not yet fully explained. This show has all the mystery of Lost (and other similar shows), but Heroes already feels like it's answering some of the questions, instead of just wandering around aimlessly. The characters have a real purpose: save the cheerleader, save the world!

I love this show. The only downside so far is there is regular over-dramatic, bad, cliched acting. But that's just a small bump in the road. I particularly love the 2 Japanese characters. They're fantastic. Off to watch more Heroes...

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