Let's Enjoying Movies: X-Men 3 - Where's Bryan Singer?

I'm a huge fan of superheroes, with my all time favorite being Spider-Man. However, a close second is the X-Men (and Batman). I loved the first X-Men film, and thought the second one was a nice step forward. They were really character-driven stories, with some great special effects and action scenes for all the comic nerds out there.

However, X3 just doesn't have that certain something that made that first two films seem so faithful to the X-Men universe. While there are some decent action scenes and set pieces in X3, they don't feel nearly as big or involving as those in the first two movies. Also, the pace is so brisk that character development is non-existent, and many characters seems to be struggling just to have more than a couple minutes of screen time.

But I wasn't disappointed. Primarily because my expectations were so low and I knew what to expect. But I'm a big enough fan of the series to want to see X3 regardless. I guess X3 just doesn't feel as cohesive and unified as the first two, and is much less compelling. However, I was pleasantly surprised that two main characters were killed in the first section of X3. Although, in a popcorn movie like this, I couldn't help wondering for the final hour whether or not they were truly dead. They were. Or rather, 1 definitely was. A short post-credit scene revealed that perhaps one of them was alive after all, although that definitely reduces the significance of his death. Otherwise, this was a rather bland, cut-and-paste superhero movie, with very little that hasn't been done already.

Verdict: Worth a Rent if you're an X-Men fan

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