Games I'm Waiting For

A gamer inevitably has a list, whether on paper or in their head, of games they're excited about and can't wait to get. My list is way too long, and probably includes more games than I'd ever have time to play at this point in my life. On top of that, my list includes a significant number of old games, far more than yet-to-be-released titles. Further, I don't even bother listing games prior to the Gamecube/PS2 era. Those just sort of stay floating in my head, waiting for a good, incredibly cheap opportunity to pick them up. So, here's my list:

  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - I love the first FE GBA release, but I have yet to beat it, and I've had it for a couple of years.
  • Riviera: The Promised Land - Just downloaded this. It's very non-traditional, but great fun and strategic. Will still buy it.
  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Loved Dawn of Sorrow. This one looks equally awesome.
  • Hotel Dusk - Has a great noir-vibe going for it. And I've always loved a good graphic adventure.
  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - From the many movies I've seen of this, I truly believe the importers who say this is the best Zelda game ever. It looks amazing, with a new set of touch-only controls.
  • Final Fantasy III - What can I say? The FF series is great, and this is the last of the early games I need to acquire.
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! - A rhythm-based game of Japanese insanity! A must-get as long as I'm in the country.
PS2 - A huge list of games, quickly.
  • Shadow of the Colossus - Most wanted PS2 title at this point.
  • ICO
  • God of War 2
  • Okami
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Dragon Quest VIII (and VII on PS1) - I've started playing through the Dragon Quest series for the first time ever. Can't believe I've never touched them before.
  • Psychonauts
  • Indigo Prophecy - Like Hotel Dusk, a graphic adventure that's very rare these days.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 - Pure awesome sauce!
Gamecube - I was a late adopter, and missed many good games.
  • Fire Emblem - Great strategy series. Like it much better than gathering resources and building units.
  • Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
  • Skies of Arcadia Legends - RPGs may be my favorite genre.
  • X-Men Legends 1 and 2
  • Prince of Persia
  • Baten Kaitos - Not too sure on this one. Probably will never get it since I don't feel too strongly about it.
  • Killer 7
  • Super Mario Sunshine - Used to own it, but for some reason I sold or lost it. Don't know why/how.
  • Mario Tennis
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Super Paper Mario
  • Metroid Prime 3
  • Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. Brawl (when released)
Damn! That's a pretty big list. Although I'm sure it pales in comparison to some people's lists. Plus, these are just the games I really, really want, and feel are mostly the best of the best. There's about a million more games that look really good, but I just missed out on, and don't have the time or money to go back and play. Further, there are a number of PS1 and N64 games I'd like to eventually get (or even finish the ones I have). Any games prior to that generation (I'm looking at you, Super Nintendo), I'm planning to pick up on the Virtual Console. So hopefully, many great games I missed out on as a kid will be released.

The biggest problem is I don't have the time to play half the games on this list. Once college is over, real life and responsibilities have a way of sneaking up on you pretty quickly. I'm just trying to finish a lot of the games I've already bought. And highest on that list is Final Fantasy VI Advance. Nearly done with my first playthrough. Maybe soon I can knock a few games off this list. But only if I also buy a time machine.

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