On the way to and from the nearby city of Sendai, I passed the time by going back to New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. I had forgotten what a great game that is. It's amazing how Nintendo took everything that's great about Mario, added a couple things, and made an awesome, classic game. I had previously beaten it. Well, sort of. I had made it through and beaten the last level, but in my casual initial playthrough, I missed many secrets. I totally didn't find the 2 entire levels that are hidden. That's probably about 16 or 17 stages that I've never even played yet. Plus, I missed many other secret stages, star coins, etc.

What really struck me was how hidden some of these things are. Today, I only managed to add a few more star coins to my cleared save file. I still don't know where the hidden worlds are, or how to access any of the warp cannons. After this second taste of Mario, I'm ready to get back into it and find some of those secrets. Plus it's a nice change of pace from the RPG-goodness that is Final Fantasy VI.

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