Japan: Worthy F*cking Adversary

Attack of the 100-ft. (meter???) Typhoon (Hurricane???)

Japan, particularly around this time of year, is highly susceptible to typhoons. What is a typhoon? I'm not completely sure, but I think it's pretty much the same thing as a hurricane. (Just checked: according to Wikipedia, they're mostly the same, depending on the location and strength of the storm system.) Anyway, a big one came through a few days ago. Up in my part of northern Japan, the typhoon affected me most strongly on Friday morning.

I thought it was like any other rainy Friday morning. I was already not looking forward to going into work, and of course the rain made it even more miserable. So I head off, trying to protect myself as much as possible from the rain with my umbrella. About 7 minutes into my 30 minute walk to school, all hell breaks loose. The wind picks up. I can barely see. And I have to hold the umbrella in front of me like a shield, blocking the Japanese hurricane-demon-monster from attacking me. Unfortunately, one 500 Yen umbrella is not strong enough to withstand typhoon-strength winds. My umbrella was quickly broken. Luckily I held onto it. I think I fared better than some other fellow walkers, whose umbrellas completely blew away. I even dropped the umbrella completely and ran at one point.

Suffice to say, on this rainy, typhoon-morning from hell, Japan easily defeated me. The sensible thing would've been to stay home. But that's not allowed. Congratulations, Japan. Until next time...

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