Phoenix Wright 3 - My Birthday Present

I found it very hard to think of things my girlfriend and family could get me for my birthday this year. One of the few things I thought of was the 3rd Phoenix Wright game, which my girlfriend got for me. I even helped her practice the Japanese pronunciation in the store so she could ask for it.

I just finished the first case, and the game is still as fun and unique as I remember it. However, I was reminded of how the Phoenix Wright games are sometimes a little illogical and frustrating. For example, in the case I just finished, the soon to be exposed killer, Dahlia, is being cross-examined. She lies about being at the courthouse 8 months previously, saying she was doing research, rather than being interviewed about another case by an attorney. So I have to expose her lie and prove that she was there about another case. What's annoying is that something like this would definitely be common knowledge in the actual, current case. You couldn't hide that. I know that the Phoenix Wright games are hardly realistic or believable, but this is stretching things just a bit too far. I like having all the witnesses lie and try to cover things up, but I don't think they should be lying about something that would be in the court record already. It just makes everyone in the game seem extremely stupid.

But I still love the series. Can't wait to start case number 2!

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