Usually in Japan, it has felt like the seasons shift very suddenly. It seems like just last week I would be sweating all day at work, before biking home to strip down and sit directly in front of a fan all night. Today, however, I woke up slightly shivery, confused as to what month it was. Unfortunately, the seasons change faster than my brain can adjust, so I'm still wearing summer polos. The mornings are chilly, but the afternoons still promise a dose of bright comfort.

Unrelated to my weather musings, I thought I'd talk a little about my sumo tournament experience a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, a significant number of wrestlers are not Japanese, with the biggest subset being a number of Mongolians. My particular favorite is a Bulgarian, named Kotoushu. Not only is he the tallest wrestler, but he also sports a forest of chest hair. Perhaps I like him best because he's easy to pick out of a group photo.

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