A Wii Cannot Stand Alone

A million and one blogs have posted their comments about Don Reisinger's comments on CNET on the importance of a Famitsu study. In the survey, Famitsu found that 67% of Japanese Wii owners aren't using them much. Is this important? Maybe. Certainly, Nintendo has a huge installed base with the Wii. While the consoles may not be played much now, they're definitely out there, awaiting the next big game that appeals to all gamers, including the new demographic Nintendo is increasingly marketing to. Personally, I barely touched my Wii until a couple weeks ago when I started playing Twilight Princess in order to get ready for Super Mario Galaxy. But this has been the same of almost every console I've ever owned. I get really excited and finally purchase a new console to play just one game; Wii - Twilight Princess, Gamecube - Metroid Prime, XBOX - Halo, PS2 - Final Fantasy X, etc. Then, I play that game for a while, sometimes beating it, sometimes not, until I start to get really excited about another new game. Then I purchase that new game, play it for a little while, then get distracted by another high profile release. My consoles usually don't get constant action, but I do try to keep plugging away at games. Regardless of Japanese Wiis maybe being on a break right now, I think the more important point is simply that they're already out there in people's homes. Waiting.

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