I wanted to use this blog post to highlight my favorite (albeit only) movie podcast. It's called, simply, Movies You Should See. Basically it's 4 guys and a girl talking about movies. Each week they select one movie, the criteria for the selection differing weekly. They have some loose requirements, such as the movie should (though not always) be above a certain rating on IMDB, or that a majority of the members should agree on the movie. At any rate, their commentary, more than anything else, is funny and entertaining. When taking time out of my week to listen to an hour long podcast, it really needs to be interesting and entertaining. They often go on many tangents, which may or may not agree with you. I personally like the wild places their discussions sometimes end up. It's a fantastic podcast, with a great group of commentators. I highly recommend it. I wish I had seen every movie they talk about, because I only listen to the episodes of movies I've seen, not wanting to spoil anything about an as-yet undiscovered great film.

Also, their website, Simply Syndicated, has several other podcasts that they're involved in. I've never listened to the other podcasts, but I hear they're ok. I think their Star Trek podcast is quite popular, but I have no idea.

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