Playing the Wii

I've finally gotten back into Zelda: Twilight Princess. By the time I finally beat it, it will have been nearly a year since I bought it. My motivation was purely selfish and personal. While I like this Zelda game, it's pretty near perfect, I want to beat it before Super Mario Galaxy comes out in Japan on November 1. I feel more justified in buying Mario Galaxy if I've beaten one of the Wii games I already have. Of course, I'm going to buy it regardless, but in the past week, I've probably played more Zelda than I have in the past 6 months. I beat the 5th and 6th temples, the ice temple on Snowpeak and the Temple of Time. So I should only have two or three more dungeons to go. I'm not exactly sure of how many there are. I'm also going to do most of the sidequests, or at least as many as I can before 11/1, although I won't feel bad if I don't finish everything. Because Galaxy looks amazing. I wasn't excited about it until a couple weeks ago, as more and more gameplay videos started being released. I can't wait.

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