Not For Kid's Anymore

Here's something interesting by N'Gai Croal of Newsweek, although it's been extensively posted and reposted all over the Internet. Basically, he appeared on CNN's American Morning. The point of his interview, while talking about Manhunt 2, that I think is important is how Mature games aren't supposed to be sold to minors. It's hardly the videogame industry's responsibility if children get hold of a violent game like Manhunt 2. It's the responsibility of a combination of retailers and parents. Retailers should try to follow the law and not sell to minors, and parents should be supervising and talking to their kids about this.

One thing that's not mentioned is how even though kids aren't supposed to buy these types of games, I think they are largely still marketed to them. Even though Manhunt 2 is extremely brutal, violent, and maybe sadistic, it's supposed to be seen as fun, cool, and outrageous. Regardless, N'Gai makes a great point that many people not familiar with video games thing of them as toys or games for children. Possibly the biggest segment of the market is young men, from say 17 or so to 30ish. That's hardly kid's stuff, although children are a big part of the market too. It's all about the perception.

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