Film Festival Mishaps...and Other Things

I was planning on attending possibly two more documentaries today at the film festival, but ended up making it to none. I missed the first one, around 1:00, because it was a cold, ugly, rainy, day, and the girlfriend and I didn't feel like leaving our comfortable apartment. We tried to meet up with a fried for the second movie, but when we arrived we were told they had standing room only left. So we decided to wait. When our friend arrived, we went back in, but, alas, they were now completely full. Oh well. I don't really care too much. A coffee shop was probably better than the film anyway.

In other, completely unrelated bits of info, I finally played Twilight Princess a little more tonight, after I don't know how long. It was good to get back to it. I'm on the fifth dungeon, the ice one, called something like Snowpeak Fortress or Mansion or whatever. It was a lot of fun, although it took me a while to get used to the controls again, and I only made it a little over halfway through. But I did pick up the ball and chain weapon, which is a lot of fun. It's definitely the best new item so far. I was partly motivated to pick this game again to justify buying
Super Mario Galaxy
in the first week of November. I have 4.5 dungeons left, I think. So if I beat 1 dungeon a week, I should be able to finish this and feel better about the awesomeness of Mario. Of course, I'll end up buying it now matter what, but this just makes me feel a little better.

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