The Mysterious Missing Blogs

What is up with all the game series blogs quietly drifting away. Blogging Zelda was taken completely off Blogger, so I can only assume that author is 100% finished with that experience. But my other 2 favorites haven't updated in ages. In Blogging Final Fantasy, the two authors had just started Final Fantasy VI before the updates trickled to a halt. The haven't updated since September 3, which is like a month and a half ago. Where are they? And on Blogging Dragon Quest, Artadius was on Dragon Quest V before he explained about a couple of personal crises that needed to be taken care of. Thanks for the explanation, but the last post was even farther away, on August 7, almost 2.5 months ago. Surely he's settled by now, right? I hope they both return soon. I really enjoyed reading their travels through their respective series. I especially liked the DQ blog. I had never played any of those games, and it actually made me go play and beat DQ I and II, and I just started DQ III. Come back soon.

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